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Irrespective of Who Is Right and Who is Wrong, the National-Anthem Protest Is an Unrecognized, Long-Term Threat to National Security!

Some months ago, an in-depth chat, about fashion and Leviticus, took place between The View-cohost Sara Haines and Rabbi H. Chaim Gruber (Occupy Wall Street’s former rabbi, who, due to violence in the movement, was forced to quit the protest group in its heyday). The Rabbi has decided to use his in with the talk-show cohost to further with her the topic of the national-anthem protest discussed on yesterday’s The View. During that episode, Ms. Haines remarked that she “will forever stand up and hold my hand on my heart [to the anthem].” Nonetheless, she gave some qualified support to the protest by continuing as follows: “but to know that Colin Kaepernick can kneel next to me for a different reason is what we’re all fighting for.” It was partly in response to Ms. Haines’ comments that the Rabbi, yesterday, sent her an email, in which he advocated his view that the protest is a not-yet-recognized, long-term threat to national security. Moreover, preventing such a threat may override freedom issues.

Consider: those on one side of this controversy view the anthem protestors as traitors, those on the other, heroes. So, to rebellion-minded youth who see the protestors as heroes, over time, such hero worship can, because heroes are emulated, morph into, for instance, myriad numbers of homegrown, Snowden- or Manning-like risks to national security. Meaning, regarding this protest, it may be right to push aside the freedom concerns of Ms. Haines and others. (Relatedly, past and continued glamorization of Snowden and Manning could surely instigate future, copycat security breaches, some of which—say, involving nuclear secrets or codes—even Snowden/Manning supporters would find treasonous.)

Of course, our country has been and is divided over many issues (hence, the often extreme partisanship). However, this anthem issue is both crossing a social line to reach into the depth of our national psyche and the images of such an overstepping are, suddenly, being aired to millions of youths—all of whom, in one way or another, crave attention and want to be right. Both to speculate about such a potentially nation-wrecking, fodder-to-the-President, social engineering experiment by the major leagues and networks and to quote from the Rabbi’s email to Haines, “What some in this debate consider to be a mild form of treason is being made trendy.”

Quotes (nearly identical) from the Sept. 25, 2017, email from the Rabbi to Sara Haines:

Dear Sara: With warm regards to your husband, I wish you both a beautiful Fall! About the national-anthem protest, I, in the wee hours before today’s dawn, made a few novel points to three members of the NYPD. One of the officers to whom I was speaking was Caucasian-Jewish, one was African-American, and one, Caucasian-Catholic; and, all of them identically agreed with my worrying conclusions about the future, national-security ramifications of such a protest (a protest that, by your comments on today’s The View, you support somewhat). These officers, also, remarked that they had not before heard, in media reports, such points that I had made. Therefore, as there is a need to air my concerns, I forward these points to you both because I have an in with you due to our having met and because you have an ability, as a cohost of The View, to inform America of these concerns so that we may better overcome this now crisis …

While not mentioned in the Haines email, the Rabbi—both within his rights of freedom of religion and recognizing the Bible’s repeated perspective that the Omnipotent controls the weather—believes that God, merciful but a sometimes-harsh judge, has recently allowed terrible weather, flooding, and blackout calamities to hit the U.S. and her possessions as a reminder that we all need to overcome differences so that we can better deal with emergencies. “As a house divided cannot stand, God is making us realize that we need one other,” says the Rabbi. “For our now-and-future’s sake, we must unify and not divide!”