All My Grace: The True-But-Seemingly-Impossible Account of Supernatural Messages from the Virgin Mary to a Jewish, Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi! 

The Hurricanes Formerly Known as Maria

A.                           Open Letter to Puerto Rico’s Archbishop and Dominica’s Bishop

To the below, His Grace, Archbishop Roberto Octavio González Nieves of Puerto Rico, replied that he would “reflect upon [my] suggestions.”

June 5, 2018

Your Most Reverend González Nieves and Right Reverend Malzaire:

It is a pleasure to introduce myself; and, I pray that you both are well. Considering, at this time, the upsurge of news about last year’s devastating storm through your region, I take the opportunity to air my views:

After 2005’s and 2011’s hurricanes “Maria,” I was severely saddened that the Catholic Church did not do enough to prevent the World Meteorological Organization (WMO), which is the UN agency that titles storms, from calling another hurricane by the same name. Thereby, as 2017’s hurricane “Maria” was exceedingly catastrophic, millions upon millions of Caribbean people, now, equate death and mayhem with the given name of the Blessed Virgin! Without question, these negative associations, consciously or subconsciously, have already poorly tainted mother-of-Jesus Maria’s glorious image in the minds of countless individuals! This must be especially true for children who may have even become irrationally phobic against the name Maria, due to it being the appellation given to what was recorded as the worst natural catastrophe ever to hit Puerto Rico and Dominica! Thereafter, as such children grow, they may be, for that reason alone, hostile to the Gospel!

Thank God, the WMO itself, within the past few months, has retired the name “Maria” from being the title of any future storm. The WMO retires the names of excessively cataclysmic storms “for reasons of sensitivity.” That is, as was the case with 2017’s hurricane “Maria,” the WMO does not want to trigger, via an identically named storm, awful memories amongst those who had tragically suffered during and because of the earlier storm. Meaning, the WMO knew ahead of time that calling a storm “Maria” could, after the storm, cause people to suffer mentally merely from a name overlap!

Therefore, with the intention of cleaning up the divine appellation “Maria” in the minds of all of those who may have been, consciously or subconsciously, deleteriously affected by this woefully misguided storm-naming, I ask that you, in your role as the highest Catholic officials in Puerto Rico and Dominica, lodge a complaint against the WMO with the UN for the following reasons (as the UN has legal immunity, court action may or may not be effective):

(1) The WMO knew ahead of time that merely the name of a storm could, afterwards, trigger horrid mental associations among those who had suffered under the storm. (2) Those running the WMO, too, knew both that hundreds of millions of Spanish speakers call Jesus’ mother Maria and that Maria, to those who are, also, Christian and religious, is a very holy woman who is most revered and beloved. (3) Therefore, the WMO was taking unnecessary risks with the mental states of untold numbers of persons for myriad reasons. For example, in a religious family accustomed to putting images of Maria around the house, young children who may have, as above described, become fearful or even phobic of such a name, may, as they grow, be less devotional to what is most venerated in the home. This lack of respect could cause family problems, ridicules, and even hatreds! Also, adults who have, from earliest youth, relied on the heavenly mother for support, may, now, be less trusting of her merely due to the devastating impact of hurricane “Maria”—a disaster still in the news, and thereby, still defaming the Blessed Virgin!

This ill-advised storm-naming could cause severe problems even among the irreligious. For instance, children victims of 2017’s storm who both have mentally absorbed trauma associated with the name Maria and have mothers called Maria could, due to the name overlap, have unjustifiably less faith in their primary caregivers! Further, women named Maria could themselves suffer were they to begin to self-associate with that storm’s destructiveness.

With all of the previous in mind, how could the WMO, unbeknownst or not, not have been doing, as pertains to this case at the least, Satan’s bidding? Therefore, kindly, if you would, also, open an official investigation to determine whether conscious satanic activity was or was not truly at play in the hurricane naming. Was there anti-religious zeal on the part of the WMO so that it desired, amongst the masses, pejorative associations with the name Maria? If so, would that not be satanic? Or, have all of this letter’s mentioned concerns been, before now, ignorantly unrecognized by the WMO?

Finally, please, quickly ask Pope Francis to require all Catholic media agencies to desist immediately from referring to these three, past hurricanes—of 2005, 2011, and 2017—by the glorious name of the mother of God! Moreover, mention to the Pope that strong Church action may be required to prevent the WMO from designating a future storm by some other godly name, such as a saint’s or even Jesus’  !

For the love of Mary, with thanks, and I pray for God’s speed considering how impressionable are young minds!

Y’hoshua HaChaim


All My Grace: The True-But-Seemingly-Impossible Account of Supernatural Messages from the Virgin Mary to a Jewish, Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi!