Z.           Sympathy for the Devil

Starting a few decades ago, and until only some years before this book’s publication, those familiar with New York high society know that a pair of identical-twin brothers loomed over Manhattan’s social circuit. (The two were O. Aldon and John James, with the first being the then President of the city’s historic National Arts Club.) To understand the then pinnacle position of this now disgraced pair, they were the type to hold private dinner parties for Princess Diana (now RIP), with one twin sitting at Her Royal Highnesses right, the other, at her left.

As I, the author, am personally connected to this once-famous-but-now-infamous twosome, I was, in my decades-ago, younger days, a close confidante of John James. And, as pinnacles, both those literal and social, may be frigid places, I learned many cold truths from those years of confidence. In fact, after 9/11, I—who, à la the Prophet Daniel and his interpretation of the “writing on the wall,” prognosticates based on symbolically understanding day-to-day happenstance—recognized that the Twin Towers were, also, symbolic effigies of the James twins, who, too, soared over Manhattan. Consequently, and well before the Jameses’ public fall from grace, I predicted that as the Twin Towers sadly toppled over, so, too, would the twin brothers. (Since life imitates art, it may, too, have been the duplicate, monolithic forms of the World Trade Center’s twin buildings—impressed upon the psyche of New Yorkers—that allowed for the exponential social rise of the both tall and slim brothers James.)


I first got to know John via a chance meeting and an architectural question about a church. From there, our friendship grew. However, soon after we met, I began thinking that John was insane. In fact, my sympathy for what I considered to be his insanity was what, with me acting as a free therapist, sustained our friendship. This pity—first playing out as hours-long phone conversations—emotionally attached me to him because he had monstrous social qualities that were unacceptable between true friends, since genuine friendship is based on the love-thy-neighbor-as-thyself Golden Rule of mutual care and respect.

Over time, I realized that John’s selfishness and cruelty stemmed from his having been spoiled by others’ sycophantic behaviors toward him from his earliest youth to the present day. He was a child who never grew up because mental growth was unnecessary due to others bootlicking him for his fabulous wealth, power, social influence, and art-world clout. (To better understand this psycho-sociological phenomenon, I once caught a snippet of a British documentary about the Queen that contained an interview with a man knowledgeable about his nation’s royalty. That man, genially and matter-of-factly, said that no one, except Prince Philip, tells the Queen how it really is.)

John, in homage to his mistaken belief that “every man has his price,” often proverbially tried to get me to sell my soul to him for something fantastically lucrative. I never did (despite his continually berating me for what he perceived as my foolishness for not going along with him). I knew that were I to fall into his trap, as did so many others, not only would I suffer—but he would too. If I fell, who, excluding his brother Aldon (who, to be fair, seemed less insane), would he have that was, with him, genuine?

Because of my sympathy—which turned into both a love for him, and due to my mercy, even a mild, bodily intimacy of the type that, perhaps, was expressed between David and Jonathan or Jesus and his disciples (who were physically tender one with the other)—I, despite substantial temptations to my less-tested and more-youthful mind, could not duplicitously allow myself to exploit him commercially. Other than little-worth gifts or dinners out, I received, over those years, no material benefit.

Were this previously dynamic duo still at the top of their social game, these revelations would not be forthcoming in this name-mentioning manner. I only divulge these very personal details because John James and his twin brother Aldon have dramatically fallen from the public’s grace. Therefore, via such disclosures, the social fortunes of the brothers James may, now, reverse and improve due to a broader realization of the pair’s historical, sociological, and theological significance, especially as relates to their life-imitating-art downfall being archetypally reflected in the Tower card of the Tarot’s major arcana. [Axiomatically for those familiar with the Tarot, I, in this equation, having safely locked away my heart, would be the Hermit. (Note: understanding the Tarot is not necessarily witchcraft.)]

This entire account of my long-ago, compassionate involvement with John James (for whom I do not have hate, but still, a measure of sympathetic love because I did not sell my soul, and thereafter, suffer regret) should be considered in relation to all the news of sexual abuse allegations against powerful and famous men. Specifically, how did all of these men, the ones rightly accused of sexual harassment, become such lecherous pariahs? Was it the continual kowtowing of others who, not caring enough about them, did not treat such men in ways that forced their mental maturity for their own (and everyone’s) best interests?

Obviously, these men so acted over the years because, allowed to behave thusly, they found that their actions sufficiently fulfilled their affection needs. Therefore, as relates to these harassers present legal woes, they could, perhaps, garner more sympathy to their pitiful cases if they claimed—due to the mental injury that they sustained via others’ continual ingratiation—to have been psychologically afflicted with affluenza!* (Via this same excuse, the billionaire-and-thereby-often-bootlicked, 45th U.S. President should, too, be able to gain more compassion from his myriad, lack-of-empathy detractors who simply do not understand what it means to be mega-rich!)

Regarding the excessively vile case of former Olympic physician Larry Nassar (personally, I, the author, could read only the slightest details of such a scandal without becoming physically ill)—and without at all excusing him—in the manner of “fool me once, shame on you; fool me twice, shame on me,” the chronic obsequiousness of others both allowed him to hurt so many victims and perverted his mind more!


Former U.S. news-anchor Connie Chung spoke about her having suffered daily sexual harassments over the long years of her television employment. That, of course, is terrible. However, how many of her male harassers, for the sake of her career, did she not chastise? Thereby, how many did she allow to become worse harassers?

Still-superstar Pamela Anderson, also, spoke about the past sexual harassment that she put up with from Hollywood’s former heavyweight, Harvey Weinstein. So, how did her to-whatever-degree prostitution of herself for the sake of her career contribute to Weinstein’s mental sickness?

Love, freely given, is any human’s greatest attribute and possession. Therefore, not only does the person selling his or her soul to Satan lose out, so does Satan.

The Bible says that rebuke is love since we naturally do not want a loved person to go astray. (Therefore, my reprove of Pamela Anderson and Connie Chung speaks of my platonic love for them.) Contrastingly, a lack of reprove is hate: not telling someone the right thing to do is uncaringly not giving a needed warning so that the someone heads to his or her demise. And, that Connie Chung and Pamela Anderson had hate is apparent from their reported glee over the fall of Harvey Weinstein.

I [Jesus] say unto you, Love your enemies, bless them that curse you, do good to them that hate you, and pray for them which despitefully use you, and persecute you.

Matthew 5:44

Shortly before this book’s publication, I was in a hotel lobby where, for the first time, I saw the primetime game show, Match Game. While the sound was off, the visuals were sufficient for me to speculate that future sexual harassment allegations against the host, Alec Baldwin, were in the works. This I quickly theorized when Mr. Baldwin sidled up to a female star, Leah Remini, who was one of the show’s celebrity guests (there were six, including RuPaul, the main guest star). When he so sidled, he manhandled Mrs. Remini in a way that, obvious to me, made her uncomfortable. However, she put up with the mistreatment, and RuPaul, sitting beside her, said nothing. The other guest stars, too, did not intervene or comment, and neither did the two contestants or the audience.

Leah was so discomfited that, within a very short while, she, in high heels, peculiarly fled toward the audience front row on some pretext. Then, just as fast, she flew back to her seat on stage. Immediately upon viewing that, I thought that the psychological causation underlying her bolt was her subconscious revulsion to having been manhandled by Mr. Baldwin. (Although, with sympathy to the show’s host, he is likely very lonely considering the difficulty that stars have with finding true love due to so many feigning interest. Hence, he may be only taking what he can get.)

Within days of my seeing Match Game, I was speaking to a Commander of an American Legion post. I said to him something as follows: as the LORD has revealed to me, today’s most destructive influences on American society are the seemingly unending sexual harassment scandals plaguing the news. Such scandals, I continued, are dramatically affecting male-female relations to the degree that men will keep a greater distance from women, as will the future men who are, now, American boys.

I, also, remarked to this Commander, who was a veteran, that he, surely, knows that in the military or in prison, where there are few if any women, men who would not normally have sex with other men will, in fact, have homosexual relations to fill their physical and emotional needs. Yes, he knew to what I was referring. He, too, was aware that the macho men raping weaker men in either prison or the military do not require foreplay to achieve their erections. Rather, the hardened states of their ready-for-action penises emanate from their own, psychosexual, mental interiors. [Similarly, give an average straight man enough alcohol and he may do something gay. (A 2017, Journal of Social Psychology study concluded the previous, although I, for some decades, knew this to be the case.) However, a gay man drowned in booze will remain unlikely to do something straight.]

Therefore, I continued to the Commander, these sexual-harassment scandals will turn America’s men gay! After all, and to reiterate, America’s present and future social fabric is being altered by the placing of women more out of men’s reach due to an increased fear to approach a woman being instilled in the average man’s and boy’s mind. And, like men in the military or prison, a lack of the availability of women equates to more homosexuality. Finally, I concluded, when this mass gaying of America’s men transpires, our nation will, God forbid, fall as any nation would fall when its women are no longer loved. (So, was RuPaul not protecting Mrs. Remini to increase his eventual chances with handsome Alec? Ha, ha.)

* “Affluenza,” a psychological impairment, is, according to Merriam-Webster’s online dictionary, “unhealthy . . . psychological and social effects of affluence . . . such as: (1) . . . social isolation experienced by wealthy people. . . . (2) Extreme materialism . . . associated with the pursuit of wealth and success and resulting in a life of chronic . . . impaired relationships.”

The same dictionary’s use-of-the-word, sample sentence: “Affluenza is . . . rampant in the United States.”





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