L.           Hassidic Man’s Wife Becomes a Lesbian

Sometime after my May-19 letter to Monsignor Kennedy <link here, which opens in a new window> regarding the Immaculate Heart, I counseled a shtreimel-wearing Hassid (a shtreimel is a traditional, round, fur-trimmed hat worn by Hassidic men). This young man, once married for a short time to a Hassidic-raised, young woman, was, now, divorced due to prompting from his former wife—she had become an out-enough lesbian and wanted to live with her girlfriend.

My talk with this Hassid discussed both lesbianism, and as such a conversation pertains to Monsignor Kennedy’s mandate, male homosexuality. Regarding the latter, I related that when the Messiah comes, he will disclose the true meaning of Biblical rules; and, as I know, he will reveal the following to be the original and accurate meaning of the (in)famous Leviticus verses about homosexuality. Specifically, the Biblical prohibition of a man to “not lie with a man as he lies with a woman” will be explained as a simultaneous restriction. That is, a man is not to have actual sex with another male at the same time that a woman is involved. The prohibition, therefore, does not regard men having sex without the involvement of any woman.

The Bible is from the Creator of Nature; and, a woman’s life can be naturally threatened were she involved in a threesome wherein the men were, at some point, engaging in anal sex amongst themselves. (Similarly, a woman anally penetrated would be more at risk of a urinary infection if, afterward, her vagina were breached.) In fact, most women’s urinary infections, which can lead to life-threatening kidney trouble, come from fecal matter. With that said, it is logical to forbid male homosexuality at a time of a threesome with two men and a woman. Thus, Leviticus’ “abomination” may be broadly translated to include the terms “contamination,” “infection,” or another implying an unacceptable hygienic degradation.

As “the wages of sin is death,” sin can be defined as whatever causes death. The Bible, which is truth, is not made up! Rather—and with the understanding that good is what causes life, bad, death—God’s Word is a codification of the always-and-pre-existing, good-to-follow-and-bad-to-break rules of our universe as relates to humanity.

I, also, said to the Hassid that this Biblical prohibition, as the Messiah will explain, applies to the place where a woman is accustomed to lie, such as in her bed or on her linens. Meaning, men should not have sex anywhere where a woman may later lie down, and thereby, expose herself to microscopic residuals of anal, gay, male sex (or to the sperm of a man who is not her husband).

Further, I explained that women, according to the Torah, are not meant to be trained for war. Rather, war is for men. (Mentally, women more multitask, while men more singularly focus; and, when at war, removing one’s complete concentration from some object of attention can endanger life. Therefore, women should not be trained to be soldiers because a woman’s mind may likely consider the one-track, tunnel vision that is required of soldiers to be overly onerous.) Therefore, because soldiers, meant to be exclusively male, may be lonely and with a greater need for affection due to war’s tragedies, God, Creator of Nature, made it that men can share a certain level of intimacy between themselves. Thereby, they can better remain at war without resorting to possibly dangerous involvements with local women in areas of conflict.





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