G.           Vigil-Protest Flier (near-identical)

CANDLE-LIT, ELECTION-DAY PROTEST VIGIL to Awaken Awareness to the Moral Mistake of Having Allowed the Halloween Parade to Go on Just as Planned After the NYC Terrorist Attack.

Tues., Nov. 7, 5:25 P.M., Washington Square Park’s Arch, NYC

(5th Ave. and Waverly)

NOTE: Due to permit requirements in NYC parks for events with twenty-plus people, the organizer . . . due to a lack of permit for this quickly planned, emergency protest vigil, invites only nineteen others. (Please bring candles.)

A WEEK AFTER NYC TERROR ATTACK: Protest Vigil is to mourn NYC’s murdered innocents who should have been truly mourned in Greenwich Village, on this day, last week, via a postponement of the Halloween parade—no matter the inconvenience or the expense! (Saying that a postponement was not worth the trouble lessens life’s value!)

RECOGNIZE: A connection may exist between New York’s terror attack and the ferocity of the less-than-a-week-later massacre at a Texas church that killed 26, including a pregnant woman and an eighteen-month old baby! What may be the connection? By going on with the parade as planned, the NYC terror attack was marginalized in the nation’s and the world’s eyes. So, the sicko Texas killer, in order to get attention, may have planned a more heinous act!

AND WHAT HORRIFYING TRAGEDY IS TO COME NEXT WHEN CNN, AFTER THE TEXAS MASSACRE, WRITES THE FOLLOWING: “But there was little doubt that his [the President’s] marathon of diplomacy in Asia would continue unaltered—a sign that increasingly deadly shooting sprees have become a standard aspect of the presidential routine that no longer merit a break from regular order.” OH MY GOD! (From CNN’s 11/6 piece, “Like those before him . . . in wake of massacres,” by Kevin Liptak.)

FURTHER: If, now, only bigger attacks will make an impact, only bigger attacks will command the major press. Thereafter, terror copycats (New York’s attack was a copycat) will have more atrocious role models to mimic! God Save Us!


Last Friday, Rabbi H. Chaim Gruber emailed a few friends about his concern that, the past Tuesday, despite a terror attack only hours earlier that killed eight and injured twelve-plus, the Greenwich Village Halloween Parade continued as planned: The mayor, governor, and other officials decided neither to cancel nor to reschedule. Their rallying cry—coinciding with the general sentiment of the press and enough of the public—was that the show must go on! To quote Gov. Cuomo, he said that “We’re at a Halloween parade to say [to the terrorists], ‘You didn’t win, you didn’t affect us.’ We’re living our lives because we’re not going to let the terrorists win, period.” However, while the value of carrying on in the face of adversity is recognized, partying at a Halloween parade is hardly a case of one of life’s necessities that should not be allowed to slide during an emergency!

Further, the good Governor clearly failed to understand that, in a significant way, his words and actions (both he and Mayor de Blasio actually marched in the parade) let the terrorist’s win! Consider: The parade having gone on as planned trivialized the horrific terror attack that killed eight and injured more. How was it trivialized? Think about it hypothetically: Surely, the parade would have been cancelled had there been, God forbid, a terror attack big enough to bring down the Liberty Tower. So, eight killed in the worst terror attack since 9/11 becomes not a big enough calamity to postpone the parade—although bringing down the Liberty Tower would have been. So, eight killed is trivial!

Likewise, when eight innocents killed in Manhattan is trivial, such means that thousands, if not tens or hundreds of thousands, killed in far-flung parts of the world becomes trivial. And, since NYC is even the world’s all-around, most powerful city (partly due to a New Yorker, now, being in control of DC), that means, unlike anywhere else, the psychology operating in the minds of NY officials and citizens very dramatically influences the whole world! (With that in mind, what part of the above-CNN report, which marginalized terrorism, was due to the sidelining of the NYC attack?) And, when NY’s elites are brokering their world power more callously, there would be more backlash that leads to terrorism. After all, such callousness would give some credence to radicalization that self-justifies itself based on Western abuses. So, Cuomo’s insensitivity, coming from a desire to avoid inconvenience, has invited more terrorism!

The parade’s going on as planned—a party at the time of others’ misery—also desensitized the hearts of both the parade goers and millions of observers. And, when a heart is desensitized, that is, when it becomes cold, it is less loving. As love is the answer, this extra callousness could more easily lead others to radicalize in backlash.

PROTEST DEMAND: Public recognition—from the governor, mayor, officials, parade organizers, and the media—of the unrecognized, tragic mistake of allowing the parade to continue just as planned.





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