F.           The Concern Begins to Reveal Itself After the Manhattan Terror Attack: Letter to the City’s Mayor and to the FBI

The following is a letter of December 4, 2017, both to NYC mayor Bill de Blasio and to the FBI. In this letter, more specifics are given about the mentioned-in-the-previous-section, “ominous, divine signs about New York City.” Moreover, as stated, the previous section was written, minus slight edits, about two months before the tragic Hudson River Greenway terrorist attack of October 31, 2017.

Dear Mayor de Blasio and the FBI:

On August 1, 2017, I entered Manhattan’s Pier A with my octogenarian friend, Beth Lamont, the widow of Corliss Lamont. After stepping into the main structure built on top of the pier, while we were still beside the entry door, I was struck with an extra-sensory perception. This perception, which I clearly verbalized to Mrs. Lamont, was that New York City was under a threat of a terrorist attack.

This instance of ESP was akin to an earlier instance that had, to me, occurred about two years prior in Europe [and that had not occurred since then]. [At that earlier time] and via Summer-2015 writings distributed to the Catholic Church in France at its request, I accurately enough predicted the ghastly, November-2015, terrorist attacks in Paris.

Three months after my Pier A prognostication, on October 31, 2017, Manhattan suffered its worst terror attack since 9/11—the appalling Hudson River Greenway rampage.

Afterwards, and with prayers for all those who were cruelly slain or injured, I contacted my friend Mrs. Lamont. At that time, I recalled to her my scary, months-earlier prediction. I, too, reminded her of our having been at the entry of Pier A when I was [first] struck by my ESP; and, Pier A is at the start of the Hudson River Greenway!

I was, of course, startled by this overlap in location! Further, I have additional fears for the future. This is because the vision shown me of the terror to NYC was not completely fulfilled by the Greenway attack!

I, also, attach for you a copy of a vigil-protest flier that, advertising an event for Election Day, was distributed last month. From the flier’s details, one can better understand the logic underlying my concern about future terrorism. Moreover, within the flier, you, the mayor, are mentioned in a manner that sadly reveals how some of your actions on the night of Halloween past, the night of the Hudson River Greenway attack, are likely to magnify future terrorist activity!

Regarding the verity of this likelihood, at the time of the vigil-protest, a police officer, [name removed], patrolled the location. There, he and I got into a conversation about the nature of the vigil. After he heard my remarks (contained on the attached flier), he agreed that, understanding human nature, your [and Governor Cuomo’s] actions were likely to intensify the level of terrorist activity to the degree that his very life, now, [is likely] more endangered as a result. Officer [name removed], pious and God-fearing, took several of the fliers that I had; and, he said that he would pass them around to other officers who could recognize how their lives and the lives of others were, at present and due to your [and Governor Cuomo’s] actions, more imperiled.

Thank you for your cooperation and I pray for your rectification,

Rabbi Chaim Gruber

PS to Mayor de Blasio: I still await a response to my letter of March 31, 2017.

cc: Beth Lamont





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