John Cantlie and Abdul-Rahman (Peter) Kassig, RIP


A.           The Late Key Keeper of the Ka’aba, Peace Be Upon Him

The following is a near-identical letter (braced text is additional) that I sent to Alan Rusbridger, the then editor-in-chief of the London-based The Guardian newspaper. This correspondence, over six months after its sending, was left unrequited when Mr. Rusbridger retired in 2015. My letter, unrelated to the messages from either God or the Virgin Mary, is included in this book because it expands upon the divine authority graciously bestowed upon me by God Almighty, God of all. Therefore, by incorporating this correspondence, all of this book’s earlier-detailed, divine messages might be taken more seriously.

From: Rabbi Chaim Gruber

Date: Tuesday, November 18, 2014

Subject: Requested ethics charges against a Guardian reporter

To: The Guardian Editor, Alan Rusbridger

Cc: Reporter Ben Quinn

Dear Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian, Alan Rusbridger:

I trust that you are well, and please, consider this an official request to file ethics charges against one of your reporters: Ben Quinn. The request is due to Mr. Quinn’s failure to report an important news item. Had he done so, the media attention may have been enough to save the life of Abdul-Rahman (Peter) Kassig, God rest his soul.

On October 23, 2014, Mr. Quinn was emailed an urgent press release about a public letter from myself to “ISIS”/“Daesh”' leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi that was published online. The letter relayed reasons why al-Baghdadi’s group should release their hostages: Mr. Kassig and John Cantlie. These reasons were based both on sound Islamic doctrine and on my personal receipt of a message perceptibly from Allah.

Of course, from Mr. Quinn’s perspective, there was no obligation to believe that my letter was of true divine inspiration. Nonetheless, because I am a theologian of good-enough repute at the least, and my novel, well-reasoned message contained no inconsistency in its internal logic or theology, the public letter should have been reported. (My letter was further newsworthy because—as was detailed on the same website with the open letter—I attended Joan River’s NYC memorial, where I spoke to Whoopi Goldberg about the dire need for interfaith peace; and, a photo of our intense conversation was posted. {At the service, soon-to-be-U.S.-President Donald Trump was, also, in attendance.})

However, Mr. Quinn did not publicize my open letter (nor did anyone else in the mass media to whom the press release was sent). His failure reduced the likelihood of its being seen by al-Baghdadi. Had my letter, in fact, publicly reached the “ISIS” leader, I believe that there would have been a chance that the letter’s plea for the release of the hostages would have been heeded. This is especially true because, on the same day as the press release, an incident occurred in Mecca that could be interpreted to have been a divine sign confirming that my open letter’s message from Allah was genuine. And, since “ISIS” considers itself a group that follows Allah, my message from Allah that asked for the release of the hostages may have been more likely heeded. (Christians, also, believe in divine signs. E.g., the Star of Bethlehem.)

Regarding this incident, on the same day that the press release was distributed, there was report of the death of the Key Keeper of the Ka’aba, Sheikh Abdul Qadir Taha Al-Sheibi, peace be upon him. The Ka’aba, in Mecca, is the most sacred place on Earth to Muslims. The Key to this holiest of all mosques is held by the eldest member of a family that has held the Key since before the time of Mohammed. Because my open letter’s starting paragraph described how one could be a Muslim before the time of Mohammed, the world press, in its biography of the Sheikh, serendipitously corroborated a topic with which readers of my open letter may have been otherwise unfamiliar. Thereby, readers could more readily accepted my letter’s contents.

Of course, various divine meanings could be read into the passing of the dear Sheikh. However, because monotheism precludes belief in unrelated coincidence ([such a belief] . . . myopically fails to see the LORD’s omnipresence), the unplanned overlap, according to Islamic monotheists, must have been relaying something divine. This was newsworthy. {And, due to this serendipitous corroboration, since Allah was speeding the delivery of my message relayed in His name, what was seemingly the clearest divine meaning was that Allah, Who controls all luck, was confirming the authenticity of my divine message to “ISIS’s” leader.}

Had Mr. Quinn made a report about my letter, which, unbeknownst when it was openly published, overlapped with the time of the death of the Key Keeper, a pressure may have been placed on “ISIS” to release Mr. Kassig and Mr. Cantlie that was greater than any other pressure put on the group for such a purpose. After all, it may have been that adherents to the group’s own brand of Islam, also, recognized the Sheikh’s death as a corroborating sign of my open letter’s divine authenticity.  

Thank you for your time, and my open letter is still newsworthy considering that John Cantlie has not yet been beheaded. With publicity, Mr. Cantlie, I pray, may be saved, while, otherwise, he may not. 

With both a hope for Mr. Cantlie’s salvation, and without pleasure, an expectation that ethics charges be levied against Mr. Quinn,

Rabbi Chaim Gruber






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