61.             And Further Still (slightly edited)

March 16, 2018

Dear Prior and Brother Luke:

Still, I have heard no reply from either of you; and, I mention both that ignoring someone is not humility but haughtiness and that humbleness is the true nature of a servant of God. For you to know, Prior, the divine message that I received at your monastery contained a frightening aspect (which I, at the time, relayed to Brother Luke). Precisely, God revealed that it is of a sufficiently grave concern to humanity that the power of the Communist, Chinese, political establishment is, at present, on the rise.

Before this very letter, I only verbalized this facet of the divine communication because it required delicacy to transmit. After all, such an idea could be mistakenly thought to be racist. However, the message is not racist as it is not speaking against the Chinese race. Rather, the concern regards mainstream Chinese politics and its far-ranging effects on the citizens of China (and other nations), who may be ethnically Chinese or not. To be more specific, the divine disquiet pertained to the totalitarian aspects of current-and-for-some-time-in-the-past, Chinese, political culture. (Against a culture, we may discriminate. E.g., it is right to declare that a violent-gang culture or one cannibalistic is bad.)

Consider the following:

·       Despite many good qualities, the Communist, Chinese establishment, does, nonetheless, have traits that are draconian. To use a prime example, it, for decades, and to enforce national birth-control policies, had turned (and still does turn) enough of a blind eye to local officials forcing abortions and sterilizations upon millions of unwilling women.

·       The greater body of citizens of the Peoples’ Republic, due to their ample lack of the type of complaint that would have stopped such policies, have, thereby, allowed the minority in command to achieve such appalling ends. Consequently, the culture, as a whole, has become sufficiently sycophantic. Now, recognizing the proverbial slippery slope, if the greater populace allows such abuse as the compulsory termination of a loved, wanted, and helpless fetus, what would it not allow?

·       Corinthians states, “Where the Spirit of the Lord is, there is freedom.” Hence, an Ivan-the-Terrible social structure dramatically conflicts with the proper, godly state of human existence. For instance, and unambiguously, a simultaneously dictatorial and sycophantic culture cannot achieve true peace, due to the inescapable, internal frustrations that result from obsequiousness. In fact, in the manner of it being a duty to revolt when evils become insufferable, such a culture, eventually, explodes when those under its influence are pushed beyond the point that humans can bear.

·       People, by nature, treat their own better than foreigners. Only ponder the Western world’s lack of enough concern for what is going on in Syria, the back door of someone else.

·       Currently, far greater influence, wealth, and power are being gathered by the Communist, Chinese establishment. Therefore, [if the above-discussed, governmental policies do not drastically change for the better] to whatever nations Chinese reach spreads, there may be, in those places, an even more drastic authoritarian pinch, since those other nations are not ethnically Chinese.

. . . [As an aside] . . . shortly before his being terminated [as U.S. Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson] warn[ed] African states to maintain their sovereignty in the face of potential and actual Chinese financial and political incursions into their national fabrics.

Finally, to quote Luke 10, “The harvest is truly great, but the laborers are few.” With that stated, I hope to hear back from you as God has given clear signs that we are meant to labor for the heavenly kingdom together; and, lacks on your parts, in terms of shirking your divine responsibilities, means that I, alone, must work harder to pick up the slack. That is not fair! It goes against loving thy neighbor as thyself—and all of you brothers at the monastery, who have taken oaths of obedience to God, may not be so derelict while considering yourselves to be morally upright beings!

Still with brotherly love, and with prayers for repentance,

Christopher (meaning, “bearer of Christ”)

cc: Bishop of Rochester





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