50.             Miraculous Sign Witnessed

In June of 2017, at a U.S. monastery, a Catholic-American monk and I witnessed a perceptibly divine, miraculous sign. Specifically, via a remarkable series of “coincidental” events—which both only the LORD could control and an average Catholic would likely consider extraordinary—we became convinced that God was revealing that He wanted a particular message—one that He had earlier sent to me and that I had just revealed to the monk—to come out publicly. That is, in Roman Catholic terms, God wanted His message of private revelation to become recognized as worthy of public veneration.

After reporting the miracle (or the miraculous sign) to the local priest and prior, the prior authorized me to contact the proper Church authority, that is, the local bishop. What follows is my subsequent, near-identical letter to the presiding bishop of Rochester, NY. This letter asks that he investigate this potential miracle. (In this slightly-edited copy, to preserve, to a degree, the privacy of these monks who relish solitude, with the exception of one brother with a common name, only the first initials of the monks are used. The proper name of the monastery is, too, omitted.)

July 6, 2017

Your Excellency:

I write with the warmest of greetings and hope! I know how busy you are, so I get to the point: what I believe to be a miracle happened at the ______ Monastery on Wednesday, June 14, 2017 (where I was for a week’s retreat). This miracle was not a miracle of healing, but rather, a miraculous, heavenly sign from which, it is believed, an earlier-sent-to-me message from God was clearly enough authenticated. This miraculous sign occurred in the presence of both myself and Brother Luke. Brother Luke, too, believed that what we had witnessed was a miracle; and, he attested his belief to others at the Monastery, including to the Priest and the Prior. The Prior, after I spoke to him about the matter, authorized me to press the issue forward; and, at that time, I told him that I planned to do so via (1) getting in touch with the right church authority (which, as I understand, is yourself); and (2) informing/copying him on details when I do so. Hence, the Prior is cc’d on this email. So are Brothers Luke and J., who is, also, aware of the miraculous occurrence. . . . Therefore, considering all the previous, this letter is an official request for you, in your right authority, to investigate the genuine nature of this to-be-described-event that I and Brother Luke believe to be a miracle. Thereby, you may determine whether this mentioned, “message from God,” a private revelation, is deserving of public veneration—as I believe that it is.

The details: in the afternoon of June 14, by the cross in the Monastery’s cemetery, God, to me, made a private revelation. This revelation was of a very serious nature regarding future world events that applied not only to me, but to all of our planet’s people. Afterward, when speaking to Brother Luke, I told him that God had spoken to me by the cross. Also, I asked him to there come so that I could tell him about what God had said. He kindly obliged.

That day, a group of distant hang-gliders were visible from the cemetery. While others at the Monastery said that such gliders were not uncommon in the Summer months, after we had arrived at the cross, Brother Luke said that, as he recalled, during his seven years at the Monastery, he had not before seen hang-gliders. At some point, because our discussion about my message from God was becoming lengthy, I asked Brother Luke, while we were at the cross, if he wished to come around to the side of the church building so that we could view the gliders unobstructed. He agreed.

Walking to the building’s side, we continued our conversation, which partly regarded my having, some time in the past, been made to understand that the white horse of Revelation was man landing on the moon (a Hebrew name for the moon is “levana,” which means, in the feminine, “white”). I, too, was made to recognize that the red horse of Revelation is humanity’s connection to Mars. And, as man is soon to land on Mars, that dreadful period of Revelation may be at hand! (Regarding the white horse being he—the nation—that first landed on the moon, consider that America was given a crown of victory in that the U.S.A., due to its technical superiority, has dominated the world; and, the culture that it has spawned worldwide still rules.)

During our conversation by the side of the church, Brother Luke and I noticed something puzzling: a bird with blue wings like a blue jay and an orange belly like a robin. To us, this bird seemed bizarre because we were both unfamiliar with the appearance of bluebirds. For that reason, we discussed this strange bird. Then, our conversation returned to the message from God, which pertained to more than what will be revealed in this letter.

While continuing to talk about God’s message, Brother Luke and I engaged in face-to-face, deep conversation with my back toward the gliders. Then, when I finished relaying my message in its entirety, Brother Luke said to me that many people who come up to the Monastery get messages from God. To that, I responded with the following: Yes, but I believe that my message of private revelation is meant to come out publicly to the Church.

It may have been even the very second after those words of mine had finished emanating from my mouth when Brother Luke’s eyes suddenly lit up due to him seeing something in the distance. He excitedly pointed and then said, Look at that! I quickly turned and saw that one of the six, previously distance gliders had, for the first time, drawn close to us. Then, nearer and nearer it came until it actually glided over the church. Then, right after its passing the cross at the church’s far side, and its fully traversing the sky over the church’s body, this glider, just as suddenly, turned around and headed back to the far sky with the other gliders. When the glider made its U-turn after the cross, Brother Luke wonderingly remarked that its doing so was peculiar. (The Prior, later, also, revealed that it was strange that one of the usually distant gliders had come so close.)

As soon as I took in this whole sight, I realized that a miracle had just occurred; and, I breathlessly said something like the following to Brother Luke: “Brother, that was a miracle! Surely, it was God’s Holy Spirit speaking! Consider, as a damaging earthquake at the time of the crucifixion related God’s upset, God’s Spirit speaks to us metaphorically. With that in mind, those several hang-gliders in the sky, in even simple metaphor, can correspond to various individuals getting heavenly messages. And, numerous persons receiving private revelations is just what you (Brother Luke) were discussing. Therefore, if, at the exact moment when I had finished stated that my message from God, distinct from other messages of private revelation, was meant to come out to the whole Church, one of the hang-gliders happened, in a very unusual fashion, to swoop in over the church, such can be metaphorically understood to parallel what I had said regarding my message of private revelation, in distinction from other messages, being meant to come out publicly!”

Crucially, I could not see the hang-gliders, since I had been staring at Brother Luke’s face with my back to the gliders for, perhaps, five minutes. Brother Luke knew this. Meaning, I could not have been subconsciously or consciously affected by the sight of the gliders so to adjust the topic of my conversation in order to create a false heavenly sign. Therefore, when I excitedly relayed to Brother Luke that we had just witnessed a miracle, he agreed instantly.

Moreover, and as Brother Luke saw, the coloring of the hang-glider that swooped in was of the same coloration as the strange bird that we had just seen! The triangular glider had, like the bird’s wings, blue on its outside; and, the glider’s only other color, orange, was on its inside area, which paralleled the color of the bird’s belly! (The glider, at its most interior, also contained a colorless band of white.) Further, when we were still in the cemetery, I had made a point of telling Brother Luke that when I had, before, heard from God, the Spirit symbolically FINALIZED its message via my seeing a literal bird flying down from the church building’s cross!

So far, all of the Catholics (about ten) told of these events could readily see the metaphorical correspondences between the church-side conversation and the single hang-glider swooping in. Thereby, they could understand why Brother Luke and I considered the event a miraculous sign.

As God is in charge not only of the Church but of the world, please, dear Bishop, quickly investigate this matter. Speed is needed because the divine message, which both does not conflict with Church teachings and is otherwise unrecognized, has obviously true, life-saving value on a scale that is massive. (Due to the delicate nature of the message, it cannot be fully discussed in this introductory letter.) I am only sorry that it has taken so long for me to get this request to you. My excuse is that I am juggling several issues of a divine nature; and, it is difficult for me to determine which is of greater importance.

God bless you, thanks, and I look forward to your immediate interest!

Rabbi Chaim Gruber (aka Christopher)





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