43.             My Letter Continues and Ends at 2:00 A.M.

My slightly-edited letter to Monsignor Kennedy continued:

Why did God allow me this awesome grace to be the channel to deliver this message directly to you? (Clearly, this is a dramatic grace since an average Catholic should recognize the hand of the Divine in this matter. After all, Jesus is quick to save; and, to you, this message is being delivered speedily.) Perhaps, because I have an understanding of God’s Word that can be a great help to the Church in its search for what are our unchanging natures:

As you know, I specialize in Hebrew-letter meanings with the intent of making clear, logical sense of otherwise profound topics. To give another instance, Hebrew’s “Canaan” is often translated as “humble” or “merchant.” However, when knowing the word’s Hebrew letters, it is better defined as “obsequious.” (Of course, obsequiousness is related to humbleness; and, “the customer is always right” is the servile merchant creed) Canaan’s father, Ham, literally means “hot” in Hebrew. By this linguistic overlap, the Bible instructs that a hot, angry father has an obsequious son. This is logic in that physically overbearing parents breed children who are scared to reveal their true desires for fear of being hit or otherwise punished unreasonably.

Therefore, when the Bible declares that we are “not to have the doings of the Canaanites,” it means that we are not to be obsequious. Why not? Because being sycophantic is not in the long-term interests. After all, toadies, that is, those who feign interest, are the types to become, due to building up their internal frustrations, foot-draggers, backstabbers, or worse.

According to its Hebrew letters, “Abraham,” the first monotheist, loosely means, “a better way of doing things.” Hence, the Bible declares him to be the “Father of many nations.” After all, if building a better mousetrap, the world beats a path to one’s door; and, monotheism is an improvement because, as following unchanging rules leads to increase, knowing how our universal system operates generates success. In contrast, not knowing (and thereby, not following) invariable rules leads to mistakes and fruitlessness.

For these reasons, Abraham’s inheriting the land of Canaan, which is what the ageless Bible declares, is logical in that those with a better way of doing things eventually take over the habitations of the obsequious. After all, bootlickers follow the current power heads. Therefore, even if a quantum advance comes along, they, who inappropriately kowtow to the old-and-now-more-obsolete power structure, will be the least likely to change and benefit from the coming of good. Thereafter, they ultimately get swept away by those who followed the evolutionary trend from the get-go. . . .

With all the previous in mind, because the myriad sexual rules of the Bible are, also, originally in Hebrew, a way exists for us, you and I, to delve into what God’s Word reveals to be our immutable sexual natures. Thereafter, with such inalterable rules explained, those ominous clouds of perversion, hanging over the Church for so long, can be banished with brilliant rays of light—the type emanating from the Blessed Virgin’s hands and envisioned on the Miraculous Medal’s front side!

Something peculiar before I conclude: Yesterday, I was researching the Miraculous Medal; and, I discovered a fact about that night, nearly 190 years ago, when Saint Catherine Labouré first saw the Virgin Mary, who was, later, to reveal to her the Medal’s design. Specifically, those first night’s revelations ended with the sound of a clock striking 2:00 a.m.

After reading that chronology, when I was writing this very letter, I had cause to look at your email of the day prior. It was, then, that I first noticed that it was sent, according to its time stamp, at exactly “2:00 a.m.”! (Seemingly, this was my time, EST, as you must have sent it at 8:00 a.m., Roman time.)

God bless you, and quite clearly, by this most swift delivery of this account of these epiphanies to you, God wants to bless not just you, but all the Church and the world very quickly!

Your dear Brother, Chaim (which means “Life”)





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