All My Grace: The True-But-Seemingly-Impossible Account of Supernatural Messages from the Virgin Mary to a Jewish, Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi!

No Time to Delay to Make Up for a Missed Opportunity

With the U.S.A. and North Korea in mind, the Nobel Peace Prize’s December-2017 acceptance speech warned the world that it possibly faced a “nuclear crisis” due to a “bruised ego.” Such a concern powerfully relates to one of the divinely inspired messages in this book: Humanity’s ego killed Christ!

From a Christian perspective, ego was the culprit in the crucifixion. Specifically, Jesus did nothing wrong to deserve being crucified. Rather, Christ was falsely accused and killed because those that he came to judge did not like being told that they were doing wrong. (On this point, and regarding the sufficient overlap between Jewish and Christian thought, Jews, without mention of “Jesus Christ,” similarly believe that the Messiah comes to judge the world. In fact, when, to Rabbi Yisroel Tzvi Neuman, an ultra-Orthodox and renown head of school, it was remarked that Moshiach, that is, the Messiah, had been kept away because Jews, egotistically, did not want to be told the right thing to do, he responded, “Obviously!”)

Within the pages of this book is a true story which explains that the previous, ego-crucified-Christ message was delivered, to a Jewish rabbi, by the Holy Ghost (that is, in Hebrew, via Ruach HaKodesh). The account, too, will detail that, to this same rabbi, the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin Mary, sent a supernatural, follow-up communication—a clearly true and weighty prophecy—which declared that abiding by the implications of the Holy Ghost’s message would be all that would be needed to prepare an individual for the Second Coming!

After all, Jesus returns to judge; and, those who are not egotistical will more readily hear and heed Jesus’ words. In contrast, egotists, who—irrespective of right or wrong, do what they and not what others wish—will resist the good-for-one-and-all commands of the returning King of Kings. (Again, without mention of Jesus Christ or the Second Coming, Jews, too, can logically recognize that those lacking an ego will be better prepared to listen to and obey the Messiah. Also, myriad religions hold it as a principle of faith that overcoming the ego is what draws a person closer to God.)

Blessed are the meek: for they shall inherit the earth.

Matthew 5:5

All My Grace, too, relates that this divinely inspired message was, in mid-2016, delivered, both verbally and in writing, to the mentioned-in-the-previous-segment-Monsignor, the Right Reverend John Kennedy. As it happened, the Rabbi, at that time in Rome, had met with the Monsignor; and, after hearing the Rabbi’s remarkable report of the Holy Ghost’s and the Virgin Mary’s revelatory communications that were obviously possessed by truth, the Monsignor wanted the details in writing.

Important to understand, genuinely divine, prophetic messages rightly anticipate the future. Therefore, that the Rabbi, to Monsignor Kennedy, passed along a remedy to counter the awful power of humanity’s ego—more than a year-and-a-half before the Nobel Peace Prize speech—further validates such words as being truly heavenly. Moreover, these revelations are certainly beneficial, novel, and correspondent to traditional Biblical teachings; and, divine messages that are authentic are, also, spiritually advantageous, never in vain, and do not contradict God’s Word. It, too, should be known that Monsignor Kennedy admitted that, via a “coincidence” only in God’s hands, he himself witnessed the Holy Ghost supporting the account of supernaturalism that the Rabbi verbally relayed to him in Rome!

Now, consider these next paragraphs from the requested, mid-2016 report to the Monsignor (taken from the segment, “Vatican Monsignor Requests a Written Account”). These near-identical excerpts express the dramatic and instant power of the ego-crucified-Christ message to transform the heart of any egotistical person who truly loves Jesus.

[That] very morning when we met last Thursday, on Saint Peter’s Plaza’s periphery . . . I got into a conversation with two young men, each sporting a priest’s collar. They, native English speakers, were studying in Rome. One of these students was walking on the road’s area used by vehicles, and the other, on the road’s pedestrian lane, protected from traffic by an elbow-high, metal fence. I mentioned to the student in the vehicle lane that he, for his safety, should, rather, walk where his friend was walking. However, and even after my mentioning that the body is the Temple, he stayed put; he did not want to be told what to do.

Requiring heavier theological ammunition, I sermonized that it was the egotism of humankind that crucified Jesus. After hearing merely this, he moved into the pedestrian lane while remarking, [as if being forced,] that he was doing so to make me happy. While his moving for my sake implied that his ego was subsumed to a degree only, nonetheless, his partial repentance was an improvement—and one that could save his life in the future. Further, over time, he would surely consider the message; and, with the right heart, its words should penetrate deeply.

In December 2017, the U.S. Vice-President emphatically reported that both he and the U.S. President were believing Christians.

Almost every deal I have ever done has been at least partly for my ego.

The now 45th President of the United States (emphasis added to note that some past deals may have been entirely ego-driven)

Hence, the humanity’s-ego-crucified-Christ message was even more apropos! After all, just as that egotistical, Catholic student priest sufficiently changed for the better mere seconds after being exposed to the Holy Ghost’s powerful words, the same might be said for the egotistical, Christian, U. S. President! In fact, regarding the divine message, had the Catholic Church acted in 2016, His Eminence, Cardinal Timothy Dolan—who, in January 2017, led prayer at the U.S. Presidential Inauguration—could have already informed both the U.S. President and the world! Thereafter, if the U.S. President had enough love for Jesus so to check himself, history may have been changed, and the grave, December-2017, Nobel speech, which warned all nations about the danger of egotism, may have been unneeded!

If not now, when?

Hillel the Elder





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