11.             Vatican Monsignor Requests a Written Account About the Holy Spirit’s and the Virgin Mary’s (Earlier) Messages

A year before Passover 2017, I was, as previously mentioned, in Nice, France. There, in the French Riviera’s capital, I perceived three messages from the Virgin Mary, which was the first time that she had ever spoken to me. Unlike the Blessed Virgin’s enigmatic message in Lakewood, the underlying truths of those earlier, potent, eye-opening communications were instantly grasped. These truths were closely intertwined with the ego-killed-Christ message that the Holy Spirit had previously imparted.

The Virgin’s three, heavenly communications, and the divine message of the Holy Spirit, were conveyed, in Nice and its environs, to three Roman Catholic priests. Thereafter, at the Vatican, in late April of 2016, I spoke to Monsignor John Kennedy of the Doctrine of the Faith (CDF) about the four messages in total. (Since that time, Pope Francis promoted the Monsignor to head one of the only four departments of this oldest branch of the Vatican’s Curia, which is the branch responsible for investigating messages from the Virgin Mary.)

Miraculously, when speaking to Monsignor Kennedy, a “coincidental” event occurred that clearly implied that none other than the Holy Spirit was vouching for my account’s supernatural authenticity! Further, since the LORD alone controls coincidence, both the Monsignor and I, partly shocked, immediately recognized the Holy Spirit’s action. (Additionally, some days before speaking to the Monsignor, I had relayed the Nice events to an on-duty Swiss Guard. At that time, via a series of “coincidences” that stunned both him and myself, the Holy Spirit, there too, vouched for the truth and accuracy of my words!) At our meeting’s close, the Monsignor asked for a written account of the communications; and, what follows are near-identical letter excerpts (braced text is additional) from the report supplied to him a week later.

Those familiar with genuine messages from either the Holy Spirit or the Virgin Mary know that such messages are never in vain. That is, truly divine communications are pertinent and needed. With that stated, these below-detailed communications were assuredly not in vain. This is because the messages, regarding the importance of the negation of the ego, both came in a manner generally unrecognized and came deliverable to the masses as a novel, perfect-for-the-age soundbite. (To understand just how timely, only consider the year-and-a-half-later, Nobel Peace Prize speech of 2017, which worried that the world might suffer a nuclear catastrophe due to a “bruised ego.”) Further, and so that Catholics better understand, the heavenly messages were received as a private revelation that in no manner contradicted—but only exemplified—already-known and accepted public revelation.

5 May 2016

Per your request, [following is a] summary of the messages that I received both from the Holy Spirit and from the Queen of Heaven, the Virgin Mary. . . . [Before these following details, recall that] during our meeting, due to the unplanned chain-of-events that occurred involving my arm’s wave and the Vatican doorman [at the Doctrine of the Faith’s compound], you yourself were a palpable witness to the Holy Spirit supporting my account; and, with a humble monsignor, I should not need more than the Holy Spirit’s obvious support.

Therefore, and to the point, this is the not-in-quotes-but-in-my-words message from the Holy Spirit, received in Nice, France, a day prior to Easter 2016: The egotism of mankind nailed Jesus to the cross. Clearly this is so since Jesus did no wrong. Rather, he was giving the correct advice to those who did not want it.

I already knew that mankind’s ego crucified Christ; of course, a parallel thread runs throughout God’s Word (Gal. 2:20; Jam. 4:6, etc.). However, I did not know if this understanding had been before framed so succinctly—even into three shortish words: ego killed Jesus. [And, after my online investigation, I discovered that] “ego killed/crucified Jesus” and the like made zero identical or near-identical hits on Google searches. I found only parallel theology: the crucifixion of the ego making one like Christ. Hence, it is more understandable that the true Holy Spirit delivered this message because, unknown, it is not in vain.

Moreover, in Nice, in the presence of four young, Italian men and myself, divinely unusual coincidences occurred alongside this message’s receipt. Thereby, the Holy Spirit—besides delivering a simple soundbite perfect for our age—was surely emphasizing that this crucial message need be widely understood. [Why this need for emphasis? Because] . . . the four men had not known that mankind’s ego was the culprit in Jesus’s crucifixion. Nonetheless, these men, when told the message, quickly recognized its truth. Also, as egotism, even in the Church, both is rampant and has caused calamities as large as wars, they knew how much good this message could do for the world. Consider: those who both have Jesus on their hearts and know that ego killed God’s only-begotten son would more readily check their own and others’ egos were an ego wrongly to arise.

To use an example from earlier in the very morning when we met last Thursday, on Saint Peter’s Plaza’s periphery . . . I got into a conversation with two young men, each sporting a priest’s collar. They, native English speakers, were studying in Rome. One of these students was walking on the road’s area used by vehicles, and the other, on the road’s pedestrian lane, protected from traffic by an elbow-high, metal fence. I mentioned to the student in the vehicle lane that he, for his safety, should, rather, walk where his friend was walking. However, and even after my mentioning that the body is the Temple, he stayed put; he did not want to be told what to do.

Requiring heavier theological ammunition, I sermonized that it was the egotism of humankind that crucified Jesus. After hearing merely this, he moved into the pedestrian lane while remarking, [as if being forced,] that he was doing so to make me happy. While his moving for my sake implied that his ego was subsumed to a degree only, nonetheless, his partial repentance was an improvement—and one that could save his life in the future. Further, over time, he would surely consider the message; and, with the right heart, its words should penetrate deeply.

As discussed with the Italian, young men at the time of receipt, the Holy Spirit delivered the message in this name: “The King of Kings.” Meaning, it is for everyone: from Pope Francis (to whom, I should think, you have already contacted considering both Who is the Church’s true head and your personal witness to the Holy Spirit validating the message’s divinity); to the masses; to street beggars, who, despite humble circumstances, may have very overblown egos.

Returning to Nice, because, as mentioned, extraordinary coincidences that could be interpreted as divine signs occurred to the witness of myself and others, it was agreed that this matter should be taken to the Church; and, that is what I did . . .

[Afterwards, leaving] the church that first day, I experienced a series of powerful, unplanned, synchronous happenstances leading me to believe that I was receiving a message from “The Queen of Heaven,” the name by which the Virgin Mary introduced herself. This otherworldly message, also, not in quotes but in-my-words, was that the lamp, referring to the lamp (and oil) of Matthew 25, was knowing that mankind’s ego killed Jesus. As the lamp is the Word of God, this message made clear sense to me, as it did to you. ... Because it is one thing to know the benefit of self-nullification and another to self-nullify in actuality, the oil, the message continued, was, in fact, not being egotistical.

Near the time when we met, I was speaking to a bishop-elect; and, [to him] I relayed the Holy Spirit’s message that mankind’s ego killed Jesus. Then—and unlike the other clergy who immediately nodded agreement [to the message’s sagacity], such as Bishop Guido of Alessandria and Canada’s Chaplain General Chapdelaine [and Bishop-Elect Scott McCaig]—this bishop-elect said that he would consider and ponder my words. Consequently, in the manner of the wise understanding, because the Virgin’s messages cannot be comprehended if it is not recognized that ego crucified Jesus, a great need first exists to spread the Holy Spirit’s succinct message about egotism even to some segments of the clergy. For this first-things-first reason, here, I elaborate little . . . on the Blessed Virgin’s second and third messages that, to you and other priests, I verbally relayed. However, I do relate something previously unsaid and obvious. Specifically, someone with Jesus truly on his or her heart would exponentially negate any egotism were such a someone to realize that this negation was the oil required for the immediate ability to accept Jesus Christ—who returns to judge.

To your agreement at our meeting, the Virgin’s more-powerful second message {namely, that the Holy Spirit’s original message regarding ego having killed Jesus is the only message needed before Jesus returns—because Jesus returns to judge and those without stubborn egos can better conform their doings to his directions} . . . clearly explains why egotism’s negation is this most precious of oils that cannot be borrowed but must be purchased for oneself. {After all, can someone, even if he or she desires, lend his or her humility to another?}





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