Chapter B

8.             Humanity’s Ego Crucified Christ

Aloofly moving away from the vehicle, I verbally barbed the guard. Specifically, I remarked that his corrupt mentality would, without his changing for the good, sow his own destruction. My intention was to compel his repentance in the way that anyone not shameless should try to change for the better when recognizing his or her undeniable fault. Thankfully, and as a wise man appreciates reprove, this security guard seemed, after my cutting remark, to begin to repent somewhat in that he, flustered, came out of his car to escort me off campus by foot and not by rudely trailing me in his vehicle.

During the escort, I took immediate advantage of our limited time together to relay the heart of the account with the reckless driver so that the security guard could, later, remedy the matter. Furthermore, into his egotistical mind, I quickly and powerfully drilled the theological understanding that humanity’s ego killed Christ! That is, egotism nailed Jesus to the cross because Jesus did no wrong. He did not kill, cheat, or steal. Rather, Jesus was telling the truth and urging that all live righteously. Jesus bore the cross because enough people could not mentally bear hearing his words! In contrast, Saint Paul declares, crucifying the ego unites a person with Christ!

In the past, via what I perceived to be the Holy Spirit, I had been provided a novel, perfect-for-the-age soundbite: “EGO KILLED CHRIST!” These few words beautifully condense a crucial thread that runs throughout God’s Word. (E.g., Gal. 2:20 states: “I am crucified with Christ: nevertheless, I live; yet not I, but Christ liveth in me.”) In fact, because the Holy Spirit had already revealed to me these three words, I quickly knew how to respond to this Catholic school’s egotistical security guard when he was escorting me off the campus.

Blessedly, this ego-crucified-Christ mantra worked quick and tangible wonders with this Christian security guard due to his sufficient love of Christ! Moreover, to him I mentioned a crucial point that he dejectedly admitted was true: someone egotistical cannot receive true love because love gives, while egotism selfishly takes.

(Later, at about 2:00 a.m., I happened to have again met this guard on my walk home from my very-late-night, Passover meal. At that time, when he was on patrol in an ungated campus area beside public roads, I more fleshed out the understanding that egotists necessarily deny themselves true love.)

By the time the security guard had finished walking me off the campus, I felt greatly encouraged because I palpably recognized his repentance (due to that penance, later that night, as mentioned, we had another positive conversation). What seemed to kick-start his change for the better was his sufficient love of Jesus combined with both (1) his having, to the fore of his consciousness, dramatically and quickly accepted the understanding that egotism caused the crucifixion; and (2) his experiential knowledge that egotists suffer from a lack of true love—a cruel fate that he did not wish to suffer again.





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