The True-But-Seemingly-Impossible Account of Supernatural Messages from the Virgin Mary to a Jewish, Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi!

(Part I) 



Chapter A



1.             Prologue to the Received-on-Passover-2017 Message from the Virgin Mary

In Lakewood, New Jersey, on the second night of Passover, April 11, 2017, I had been invited to eat the traditional seder meal at an Orthodox-Jewish home beside Lake Carasaljo, the lake for which Lakewood is named. (In the Hebrew calendar, the numerological-jackpot year was 5777.) To reach this lakeside home from my lodgings, I was to walk down 7th Street to Lakewood Avenue. At that intersection, I was to turn left, and then, at the lake, make a right. However, during my walk, when arriving at that intersection and before turning, I noticed an open gate into the expansive, fenced-in property of what I first thought was a museum. (I, a guest in Lakewood, was unfamiliar with the area.) In actuality, behind the fence was not a museum but a college. That I discovered when reading the school’s name, “Georgian Court College,” wrought into an iron arch beside the gate.

Because the grounds were beautiful, I wanted to explore. (The entire campus, I later learned, was a National Historic Landmark.) A guard’s booth hugged the gate; however, because the cubicle was vacant and the gate open, I felt that it would be fine to enter even though it was already dark. (The time, I estimate, was after 8:00 p.m.)

Strolling around—between old estate buildings; carefully groomed gardens; and a plaza overlooking an expertly sculpted, lakeside lagoon with majestic marble stairwells—I found the surrounding grandeur captivating! Taken back in time by the ambiance, I began to contemplate. Then, at some point, I thought of a recent event where my actions had been mistaken. While so thinking, as I perceive the Divine, the Divine revealed that I would be given, for that incident, “grace.”

At a distance, I saw a statue of the Virgin Mary (the college was Catholic). Walking over, I read, on a plaque, that it was dedicated to “Our Lady of Grace.” The dedication made me flush with emotion because I felt confirmed in the divine message that I had just received. After all, unplanned synchronicity is one traditional, Biblical method for gauging divine will; and, while “Our Lady of Grace” is certainly a standard title associated with the Blessed Virgin, she, nonetheless, does have many other appellations. Further, I, from experience, felt that only a minority of outdoor statues of the Virgin were visibly named with one of her titles. Hence, per my level of faith, my having received a divine message of grace immediately prior to arriving at a statue named “Our Lady of Grace” (where I had never before been), was enough of an unplanned synchronicity for me to believe that I was truly involved in a small-but-sweet epiphany.

For more about my level of faith as pertains to receiving divine signs, I believe that God, our Creator, knows all that can be known about human nature. Thus, God knows that whenever a human is involved in a recurrent action or event, such a person mentally processes such a regularity even subconsciously. Thereby, the person may not even remember the occurrence. For instance, if someone had locked his or her front door, it may have been, even mere seconds later, that such a person had no recollection of having done so.

Consequently, if the Almighty desires to relay a message, the LORD, omnipresent, may make something unusual happen. By the LORD’s creation of a unique, serendipitous, or unexpectedly synchronous incident (e.g., and as described in Matthew 27:54, the earthquake timed to Jesus’ crucifixion), human attention is caught; and, for the receipt of messages, catching the attention is vital.





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