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All My Grace: The True-But-Seemingly-Impossible Account of Supernatural Messages from the Virgin Mary to a Jewish, Ultra-Orthodox Rabbi! (Part I)

By Y’hoshua HaChaim, Christopher Groovier, and Rabbi H. Chaim Yehudah (Mark) Gruber

NOTE: This very-positive-about-Christianity book is designed, besides for Christians, for Orthodox Jews. With that in mind, such Jews, who may be concerned about inappropriate missionizing, may immediately wish to see this book’s introductory segments titled, “Jewish Belief in Messages from the Dead” and “Future Amalgamation of All Religions.” They may, also, firstly desire to  read, from the book’s concluding areas, “My Beliefs and Theology” and the “Section to (Ultra-)Orthodox Jews.” Therein can be found a hascama (rabbinic permission) to publish this book.

Alternatively, they could contact Jerusalem’s ultra-Orthodox, Hassidic Rabbi Yitzchak Levin, grandson of the “Tzaddik (Saint) of Jerusalem,” Rabbi Aryeh Levin, z’tl (RIP). Rabbi Yitzchak is closely connected to the illustrious, Jerusalem-based Elyashiv family. Too, Jews could reach posek ha’dor (rabbinic, jurisprudential authority for the age), Rabbi Benyumin Elyashiv, son of the now RIP, gadol v’posek ha’dor (world’s greatest rabbi), Rabbi Yosef Shalom Elyashiv, z’tl. (One, also, may contact Rabbi Abraham Elyashiv, son of Rabbi Benyumin.) 

 In America, another posek ha’dor may be reached. Namely, the Chief Rabbi of the Mesorah Heritage Foundation, Rabbi Dovid Feinstein, son of an also-RIP, earlier gadol v’posek ha’dor (world’s greatest rabbi), Rabbi Moshe Feinstein, z’tl. (However, in contacting these poskai ha’dor, please, greatly respect their advanced ages, especially Rabbi Feinstein’s.)